Brains Brains Brains

You might be wondering whats up with TopNotched and the lack of website updates, trust us, the lack of updates means nothing, we’ve been super busy! Programming, testing, feeding kids, changing diapers, programming, sleeping … making kids … programming, it never ends (at least for me)!

Whats new? The website got a makeover, it’s been a whole year since TopNotched started game development, and I’m going to be a Father Again! Number 4 is due within 2 weeks (all boys)!
What else? Recently started on a new project “Fight of Heart” Adventure Shooter in 2.5D! The game is coming together fairly quick, its looking good, and its FUN! Hopefully it will be our big break!
Progress on SQWERT? The last 3 months I’ve been swamped with contractual work and projects of higher priority, its still being worked on, as time permits.
Contractual work? I would have mentioned it sooner, but the project was in top secret status for the last 6 months. There Will Be Brains is set to be released to the Xbox Live Indie Game Marketplace on September 7th! I had the pleasure to work for David Parker, talented artist, and owner of Shotgun Aces. I joined the project mid progress, which made it challenging at times to follow the previous programmers work, but all in all, it was a great experience and who knows, maybe TopNotched and Shotgun Aces will collaborate in the near future, but one thing is sure, There Will Be Brains!

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