Crunching Numbers

Anyone following me knows I took the holidays off, but was it a good idea? A break was definitely good, two months off, ehh not so good. I do have a solid excuse though, and giggle away, but I truly believe Microsoft’s Kinect is highly addictive. So Addictive, I now have an injured knee from the non stop excitement and 20 lbs of weight loss. Pros, I feel healthier. :-)

Good News? I’m back! Yesterday I went through my lengthy code and refreshed my head and today I’m back to crunching numbers! Back and feeling stronger then ever. I came up with a few more ideas for the game to add extra entertainment value and will be incorporating them very soon!

Publish Date? I’m not giving an exact date as factors like MONEY are dependant on getting a good sound track for the game, depending on bills, emergencies, etc. Money is usually a fairly rare item in our household. I will say, I plan on getting the game in playtest sometime next month to start collecting some feedback! Keep checking the SQWERT project page for updates, I will continue to update it every time I add or finish a feature.

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