Resources Galore

Unless you’re a multi-talented robot from the future or work in a team, there comes a point in Indie Development where you’re forced to upgrade your mediocre graphics and that hit you made on the kazoo into something a little more .. Badass!

If you have a job, you could spend your next paycheck on a freelancer who will most likely give you some stunning assets for your game. However, I would like to believe most people are like myself; maybe you do have a job, but the piggy bank is only full of pennies. This leaves us really with only one alternate solution: Free and Affordable Resources!

New Website

Welcome to the TopNotched Game Studio website! “I gulped down a gallon of coffee” and was able to find enough energy to setup this website! In addition of being home to our Game Studio, will offer it’s members a range of developer resources for FREE!
A few of the many things to come

  • Updates on our Current Projects
  • Monthly Torque X 2D Components (start making some requests)
  • Indie Game Reviews
  • Code Snippets

I hope you enjoy your stay, and if you haven’t already, sign up for an account! Early birds will definitely be getting a “bonus” in the near future!

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