Brains Brains Brains

You might be wondering whats up with TopNotched and the lack of website updates, trust us, the lack of updates means nothing, we’ve been super busy! Programming, testing, feeding kids, changing diapers, programming, sleeping … making kids … programming, it never ends (at least for me)!

Whats new? The website got a makeover, it’s been a whole year since TopNotched started game development, and I’m going to be a Father Again! Number 4 is due within 2 weeks (all boys)!
What else? Recently started on a new project “Fight of Heart” Adventure Shooter in 2.5D! The game is coming together fairly quick, its looking good, and its FUN! Hopefully it will be our big break!
Progress on SQWERT? The last 3 months I’ve been swamped with contractual work

Team Power – 1UP

Top Notched Game Studio is excited to announce Mark Richards as part of the Studio Team. Mark excels in retro 2D pixel art and will be helping with many of the art needs that arise.

Animated Pixel Art!
It wouldn’t be right announcing a new team member without showing off some of their work. Used in one of his personal game projects, The Longevity Gene, this animation to the left is just a small sample of Mark’s amazing retro skills.

Pixel Politics
Mark’s also a huge fan of politics

Music for Project SQWERT

Here at TopNotched we’re thrilled to announce the upcoming collaboration with the very talented John Bura of Woolly Mammoth Productions, a fellow indie game developer who will be composing a custom soundtrack for SQWERT. This is excellent news and a sure sign that game development is moving full speed ahead as I wrap up the first month of 2011.

Crunching Numbers

Anyone following me knows I took the holidays off, but was it a good idea? A break was definitely good, two months off, ehh not so good. I do have a solid excuse though, and giggle away, but I truly believe Microsoft’s Kinect is highly addictive. So Addictive, I now have an injured knee from the non stop excitement and 20 lbs of weight loss. Pros, I feel healthier. :-)

Good News? I’m back! Yesterday I went through my lengthy code and refreshed my head and today I’m back to crunching numbers! Back and feeling stronger then ever. I came up with a few more ideas for the game to add extra entertainment value and will be incorporating them very soon!

Graphics for SQWERT

It’s been a whole week since I have touched the project, so I decided to make things right and buy her a new set of graphics. As exciting it would be to tell you more details about the project, I think leaving you in suspense until the next video update is much more fun!

Keep checking project SQWERT for updates.

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